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April 11, 2006

Hey ppl, Alkiviadis X here, or just Ax for short. Just dropping by to scream that Dreamers Inc ISN'T DEAD YEAT! It's just been in hiatus for a bit... er yeah, since summer. Ok, ok so it HAS been a long while!

Varius things has happened in this long period, and I was actually thinking of dropping this comic, yet after a while I got some feedback from my fans telling me they would track me down and murdor me in my sleep if I did, so... Thx guys for beeing true fans ( yeah, thank you both... <_< >_>)

 Also, I'm TRYING to get that bloody first chapter redone. Yes I know the story is on hold in the near end of chapter 2, so I'll probablly finish that before anything.

The bloggy thing is dead, a shame... Well, you can allways flame on via email anyway (wink wink). As for how updates go, there isn't (won't be) a standared time/day(s) for them. Hell, I'm not sure I'll be able to update before I go to my parents place for 2-3 weeks for Easter. So worst case senario, I'll be up on track in a month or so.

All that said, I really can't understand why would ppl stay reading this, but then again ho am I to complain. Thx to all ya patient guys and gals out there


Ax (aka Alkiviadis X)


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